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Why the Dar A Luz experience ?


Dar A Luz in Spanish translates literally as “give to light”. It is a common term used in certain areas of Mexico and South America to describe giving birth to a baby; women birth their babies into the light.  Dar A Luz chose this name because it aptly describes our view to overcoming the birth crises in America which is rapidly infecting other countries.

Providers have partnered with women in effort to shed light on the routine use of non-evidence based healthcare peddled out in U.S. hospitals. Women are choosing to arm themselves with the knowledge of evidence based research regarding their pregnancies, birth and best clinical practices. Knowledge is power! These empowered women no longer blindly follow the endless maze of unexplained care promoted by providers and hospital protocol. Instead, they carefully seek out healthcare providers who believe in physiologic birth, providers who give them more knowledge, and providers who partner with them as they make informed choices. Thus these women truly are giving birth in the light, the light of knowledge!

It is our mission to help every woman obtain the knowledge she needs to birth in the light!


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Certified Nurse Midwife (servicing Savannah and surrounding areas)

Meka Hall CNM

Initially a Chicago based midwife, Meka was apart of a renowned midwifery service that practiced  traditional holistic midwifery care in a hospital based setting. After relocating to Georgia she became very disenchanted with the state of maternity care in the Metro Atlanta Area. Thus she left hospital based practice and moved into community based care where she can assist in true grass roots efforts to change the state of birth in Georgia. Meka's experience includes: 1 year of NICU, 7 years of Labor and Delivery and 11 years of Midwifery for a total of 19 years of experience of maternal child healthcare.  After servicing the Atlanta area home birth community it became clear that the whole state was in need of awesome midwifery care. Meka relocated her business to Savannah where she now services several counties offering women true community based healthcare in their home. Her philosophy of care is twofold:  Nutrition is the bases of a healthy pregnancy outcome and a women's body has been perfectly created by God to birth human life. Meka loves to educate women on the awe inspiring design of their bodies and watch women become empowered by their birth experience. She considers herself a skillfully observant eye in a already perfect process!

"It is the arrogance of mankind that has allowed him to believe that without his interventions the Earth would not have become populated and that he has some how improved on God's already perfect design."

At Dar A Luz interventions are judiciously used and not the norm.

• Registered with Georgia Department of Nursing as a certified nurse midwife.