Dar A Luz Midwifery


Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a home birth?

While there are many benefits to birthing at home we will discuss just a few of the best reasons.  There are many unnecessary interventions performed in the hospital during the course of labor and birth all of which carry risk which yet are routinely passed off to women as being without risk.  For example: routinely performing artificial rupture of the membranes, routine use of augmentation drugs to speed up the process of birth, liberal use and encouragement of epidurals and other narcotics, withholding food and drink to women in active labor, restricting freedom of movement during labor, routine use of unfavorable birthing positions, last but certainly not least a infinite amount of protocols that are directly in opposition to evidence based care. All of these interventions increase risk to moms and babies.  In contrast less interventions in the natural process of birth is proven to reduce cesarean sections and infections thus IMPROVING birth outcomes. Planned home birth recipients have a very low cesarean section rate 4.7% at a time when America boast a cesarean rate of 32%. Many women find it easier to achieve a natural birth at home where they are free to eat and drink foods of their choosing, free to move around and assume any position they like (walking outside, sitting on your toilet, relaxing in your bath tub, napping in your bed) and enjoying your family members. Lastly women are able to relax and trust their bodies to give birth without the upheaval of several different hospital staff interrupting the process with questions, lights, papers to signs, alarming monitors and a plethora of demands.

Am I a candidate for home birth?

Home birth candidates should be experiencing low risk pregnancies this allows the best outcomes for mom and baby. Since so many women are informed by hospital based providers that they are experiencing a high risk pregnancy when in fact they are not, I would prefer that we meet and review the data together to confirm if your pregnancy is indeed high risk. If your pregnancy is high risk I would be happy to suggest practices that will give you the best opportunities for a healthy pregnancy and birth experience in the hospital. If your pregnancy is indeed low risk we would be happy to attend you at Dar A Luz.

What to expect

You can expect to see the same midwife at all your visits and your birth. This gives you an opportunity to truly build a relationship with your care provider throughout your pregnancy, birth and post partum period. Expect to have time with your midwife, your visit will be a full hour allowing ample time to address your concerns properly, and to review educational points at each visit. Expect to be well informed regarding your care, nothing will be done without your consent, all testing will be fully explained, so that you can make informed choices. Expect to be the leading partner in your care. Expect to birth in the comfort of your home or whatever your desired location is. Finally expect high quality, safe care from a provider who really cares about providing the very best care for your whole being.

May I transfer into the practice?

I welcome transfers, first I will need to ask you some questions regarding your pregnancy and history via telephone. After which you will need to obtain a complete copy of your maternity records and labs. Once you obtain your records we will meet for a free consult visit to review your records, if your pregnancy and history are low risk I will be happy to attend you for your birth.

Im not pregnant do you have in home Gynecology services?

Yes! We are happy to do in home annuals and family planning for you. However since this service is done at home it does have its limitations so a brief screening will be done via phone to make sure this is a medically appropriate decision.

What happens if I have to transfer to the hospital during my birth?

Although it is rare for a home birth mom to need to transfer here's the plan: If you are transferred you will go to the closest hospital with a maternity unit under the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA).  I will accompany you with your full records and give report to make the process seemless.

What happens if I risk out home birth during the pregnancy?

If you risk out of home birth I will recommend home birth friendly providers who will treat your in hospital birth with respect and whom deliver at open minded facilities. you will be given a copy of your complete medical record and a transfer of care form. I will remain available for questions you have in your ongoing care, just call me!

Cost of services

In home prenatal care packages include: prenatal care, birth/water birth, postpartum care, and the filing of birth certificate and social security card. The prenatal services fee is $4,000 for women living within a 50 mile radius. $4,300 for 51 - 65 miles radius. For women beyond the 65 mile radius, please call.

In home GYN services are $65 (you may use your insurance to cover labs)

Due to changes in the health care bill Dar A Luz is unable to accept any insurance at this time. However we do recommend that clients obtain a reference code from their insurance companies for reimbursement of significantly discounted global maternity care. Your advantage in this negotiation is that global maternity services are billed at the usual and customary rate upwards of $17,000 and you are requesting a reimbursement at 1/4 of the usual and customary amount. You should be open and honest about having a home birth. While some insurances companies are not willing to pay for homebirth, most insurance companies will honor the plan and pay for prenatal and postpartum care with a certified nurse midwife.